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Travel is a hot topic at the Torpedo Factory, but raise the subject during a February freeze and you may find yourself chatting with sculptor Tatyana Shramko. Last month, Shramko traveled to Harbin, China, to serve as a judge at the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, where several previous years as a competitor gave her a true appreciation for the challenges of this most ephemeral medium.

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The Patch

Monumental sculptures from eight feet to three stories high dazzle and delight visitors to the world's largest winter festival. Tatyana Shramko, Torpedo Factory Sculptor, has participated in this extravaganza for five consecutive years, winning multiple awards.  This is a global event, attracting sculptors from such countries as Japan, South Korea, Russia, Thailand, Spain, Latvia, Finland, India, USA, Canada, and, of course, China - to name but a fraction of countries gathering for this event. This evening's presentation of the artist's photographs and videos will capture the mammoth undertaking by the city of Harbin in harnessing the energy to create this magnificent festival and world community of artists who return to compete each year. 

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The Art League

If you’ve been to the Torpedo Factory, you probably remember seeing sculptures in the studio of sculptor Tatyana Shramko, towering over you at seven feet tall. Standing at a less formidable fourteen (14) inches and carved from maple, Shramko’s Sweet Vidalia won the Bertha G. Harrison Award for Figurative Sculpture 

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Alexandria Gazette

In addition to new lettering on the building with Miller’s name, a bust of Miller by Torpedo Factory artist Tatyana Shramko was unveiled in the building’s lobby. “My dad would be truly humbled by this,” said Marc Miller. “ARHA’s mission was the mission of my dad – helping people and giving them a hand up. I hope that everyone who works here or comes to this building will remember not only the work that my dad did but will also be inspired to pay it forward.” Recent commission unveiled and installed at Alexandria Redevelopment Housing Authority (ARA). 

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Artist profile while working. 

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